Pantone’s 2017 Fall Color Report Is Here

Pantone, the world’s leading color authority, has released its trend predictions for fall color palettes. These colors were based on the most-seen and used tones on the runways of the previous year’s New York Fashion Week – and for the first time, Pantone is including London Fashion Week as well.

Here’s a look at the color palettes selected, as well as some Media Bakery images inspired by and in line with the mood and tones we’re looking forward to seeing this fall.


pantone-color-swatches-palette-fashion-color-report-fall-2017-new-yorkPantone’s Top 10 Colors for New York 


  1. Grenadine // Martin Von Bromssenf1160171rf
  2. Ballet Slipper  // Lian FeyChinese ballet dancer tying up pointe shoes
  3. Shaded Spruce // Steven MileyALS0031312.jpg
  4. Marina // Kevin G. SmithALS0031250



pantone-color-swatches-palette-fashion-color-report-fall-2017-london 2

Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for London

  1. Royal Lilac // Ghislain & Marie David De LossyCUL0194195.w866.h578
  2. Otter // David LindstrandtALS0030548
  3. Copper Tan // Pamela McLeanPersimmons for sale at farmer's market
  4. Golden Olive //Gemma Ferrando Athens, Greece. Woman looking at The Acropolis and Parthenon of Athens surrounded by olive trees from Areopagus Hill (Mars Hill) .

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