The Work Day In An Ad Agency Revealed Through Stock Photos

Working at an ad agency is notorious for being cutthroat, fun, draining, inspirational, frustrating, and fulfilling all at the same time. We have depicted some mundane aspects of working in an ad agency with the help of some cliche stock photos. If you have ever had the experience of working in this sort of environment than you will be able to relate to all of moments:



Client: We love the drone idea, we just don’t have the budget to make it happen. Can you find a way to make it work?


Businessman aiming paper plane in wheat field


Executive Creative Director: Where is my creative team?

Traffic: Brainstorming


Business men and women asleep on floor


Agency Expectation:

Portrait of confident businessman wearing “The Boss” eyeglasses in office

Versus Agency Reality:

Businessman Breaking Pencil


Coffee is life, let me repeat coffee is life:

Businessman holding laptop and balancing coffee on his foot


When your life has become eerily similar to groundhog day because of the sheer amount of meetings you attend:

Business people covered in plastic in conference room


At these meetings there is always at least one annoying askaholic, who asks questions just to say something at a meeting:

Colleagues raising their hands while watching a speaker


Account Executive:  Hey do you ha-

Creative: No brief, no talk

Account Executive: But-


Businesswoman making stop gesture at people around her


When it is so quiet on the phone that you know your client is talking shit about you:

Stressed woman talking on telephone


Yet as soon as you get off the call you call up your office friend to discuss their stupidity:

This is unacceptable


When someone calls in “sick,” they are probably interviewing at another agency:

Business people shaking hands in office


Clients always change their mind, leaving you like this:

Head of Caucasian businesswoman exploding


Everytime you get off work this is you:

A young man and woman drink bottled beer outdoors


Yet everytime you finally get to bed you realize you have yet another deadlinein the morning that you arent prepared for:

Man sleepless in bed looking at alarm clock with wife lying beside him



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