Capturing Perseid in 3 easy steps

Spain, Ourense, night shot with stars and milky way in winter

One of our favorite parts about summer here at Media Bakery is the warmer nights, letting us adventure out to play with some night photography. We don’t currently have any images up from the Perseid shower, best visible over this past weekend, but we thought it would be an appropriate time to freshen up with a little DIY on shooting the stars!

Silhouette of a photographer in front of a sunset

Photographer admires reflection on Rossett Lake at night, Gran Paradiso National Park, Alpi Graie (Graian Alps), Italy, Europe

1. Grab your tripod

No matter how steady your hand, a tripod will be your best friend for night time photography. It allows you to keep the shutter open for a longer time without worrying about any movement that might happen.


Stars and Milky Way above the Matterhorn reflected in Lake Stellisee, Zermatt, Canton of Valais, Swiss Alps, Switzerland, Europe

2. Do some research

Find where in your local area, you can get away from street lights while still aiming to shoot in the direction you want to, for Perseid it meant finding the Perseus constellation and making sure any surrounding landscape lined up or framed that direction.

Milky way and shooting star Osoyoos British Columbia Canada

3. Find your friends

Shooting night time photography only gets better when you have great company with you, so find some friends, grab your tripod and head to the hills! Shoot for the stars 🙂


We’d love to see any work that you got!

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