Connected vs. Unplugged:2 Opposing Trends That You Should Keep in Mind This Year

Shutterstock recently announced the most important creative trends of 2016. As expected, things like “boho”, “watercolors”, and “confidence” were among the many trends that spanned categories such as music and design.

One trend that stood out to us was the juxtaposition between the top two cultural trends of 2016: the ability to connect and the urge to unplug. With the digital age comes the desire to consume all things technology. There are millions of gadgets being invented everyday–from drones, to smart watches, to hoverboards. These technological innovations captivate our curiosity and keep us engaged. Using images that appeal to this trend in your marketing campaigns will definitely help captivate your audience and boost consumption.

Image ID: WST0291382
Image ID: BLD0215133
Image ID: HER0027457


The second trend comes as a response to the vast amount of  technology that is readily available to us at all times. There are technology critics who believe it is important to unplug from our devices every once in a while. Images that depict “wanderlust”, “mindfulness”, and “fitness” appeal to these new-age millennials who want to break the status quo and go back to a simpler way of living.

Image ID: SBX0127316
Image ID: BLD0198013
Image ID: SBX0127307

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