3 Ways Black and White Editing Can Enhance Your Photography

As we continue to navigate through the new look on our site at Media Bakery, we can’t help but admire the black and white photography we come across. So we’ve come up with three ways to help you figure out how to enhance your own photography using black and white filters:


  1. Add drama – while color in a photograph can provide a sense of reality and feeling like you can vividly experience what is happening, black and white creates another dimension where you see the highs and lows of the tones in the image. It naturally creates a drama that just isn’t there with color.

2. Make your photos timeless – Taking the simplest of moments and making them black and white allows for a sense of timelessness. Old images and new in black and white gives what feels like a pause in time.

3. Draw attention to points in your image – playing with only two color tones means you can really draw your audience in by bringing attention to either the highlights or shadows of your image. In the samples below the artists chose to use high contrast in order to make their shadows and highlights pop!

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