3 Ways to Make Your Brand More Relatable

One of our favorite trends, not only in stock photography, but in branding is bringing humanity back into it. We’ve got 4 ways to help you make your brand more relatable through photography and bring humanity to your audience.

1. The Details

People are interested in the small things. They want to see how things work, what you’re using to create, what inspires you.

2. The Process

Share the journey. Whether your journey is a piece of wood becoming a table, or a tube of paint becoming a masterpiece, share it with your customers and show them what it looks like to go through the process of creating your brand.

3. The Creators

Featuring the creators of your brand, whether its you, your employee or your coworker adds humanity and gives people someone to relate to when buying your product.

4. The Message

Don’t be afraid to show how your product can be used. Are you providing a safe place for families to gather and eat? Show them! You can even step away from your product for a moment and go with an image of joy or laugher, whatever you might want your client to feel when buying from you.


There’s so many things we can do with visuals, at Media Bakery we always want you to succeed and hope that with a few steps like these you can help bring humanity to your brand and give your clients something to look forward to!

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