3 Reasons to Use a Double Exposure Image

09 May 2013 --- Double exposure portrait of a bearded guy and tree --- Image by © Sfio Cracho/Corbis
09 May 2013 — Double exposure portrait of a bearded guy and tree — Image by © Sfio Cracho/Corbis

We’re in love with the concept of double exposures. There are tons of tutorials out there, showing you how to make one either with your camera or afterwards in Photoshop, but we want to talk about why.

1. Contrast

The juxtaposition you can create, like the above image of a girl in the city, can play a huge role in the imagery and how it reads to your audience. The delicacy of the young girl combined with the structure of the city creates a new feel and look that even putting separately a girl and a city would create.




2. Emotion

It’s often said that eyes are the window to the soul, I believe that to be true. But sometimes a portrait or head shot isn’t enough to express what you are trying to say. By putting these two pictures of the same girl over each other, you get a sense of feeling what she is feeling, almost as if you can see what she is thinking.

Then, by combining an image of a girl with the foliage, you are able to connect to not just her expression but the complexity of the earth behind her.




3. Detail

Layering two images also means you get to pick and choose what part of each of the images your audience is looking at. While there is a vast scene with this road in it, combined with this image of a man your eye is drawn to where the road took him, how he traveled down it, the adventure it held for him.


These each tell a more concise message for your viewers while adding complexity and beauty in a new way. Check out more of these double exposures at Media Bakery!

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