Lead your Audience with Design

We all know that the design of an ad or website can be a key player in how the audience perceives whatever message you are trying to convey.

We here at Media Bakery want to share with you a few of our favorite way to use imagery to guide your audience’s eye.

And what better way to do that than use some of the exclusive content we’re working on! The rest will be up for you soon! Keep posted.


1. Leading Lines.

What better way to draw attention than to literally use lines? Plus they’re everywhere.




2. Contrasting colors.

Whether its a single color popping out of a sea of white or opposite colors of the color wheel, contrasting those colors will draw the eye closer.

3. Vanishing points.

Similarly to leading lines, vanishing points seemingly pull your viewer not only into, but through your design. It almost creates a sense of escape, anticipation and longing to know what’s at the end.

4. Depth of field.

It brings one specific portion of the image into focus, and helps your photographer add light, if it’s lacking. The use of shallow depth of field is an incredible tool that creates a stunning contrast in what should be important to the viewer verses the negative space it creates.

Did I mention these pictures are exclusive? Seriously. They’re stunning, and only at Media Bakery. Email us if you have questions, we can notify you when the collection is live!

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