Choosing the Right Images for a Tradeshow

Tradeshow’s are helpful events that benefit vendors and allow them to show off their services to clients. You can feel confident knowing you are representing your business when you choose the right images to express your brands identity at your next tradeshow.

According to a study conducted by Convention Industry Council, there was a 10% increase in the number of trade show participants from 2009 to 2012, bringing in more than $115 billion to the U.S. economy. If you decide to attend a tradeshow and take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity by using an eye-catching banner, slogan, with images that stand out.

Choose the Right Image

Choose bright and colorful images and avoid ones with dark, muted colors. Bright colors are more prone to draw attention and bring in consumers. When choosing an image, take into consideration your company’s desired image. Do you specialize in spas? Choose a calming image that contains a beautiful ocean or one that shows someone getting pampered. If you’re a restaurant owner, using tantalizing images of your dishes or an image of someone enjoying food. Using the right photograph will lure consumers in and give you the chance to talk to them one on one.

Media Bakery ID: MKB0084796 Rose petals and bath crystals
Media Bakery ID: MKB0084796 Rose petals and bath crystals

It’s All About the Colors

There have been multiple studies on the effects of color. According to Colour Affects, red, blue, yellow, and green are the four psychological primary colors. Each color has positive and negative properties in definition. For example, both red and yellow are primary colors. Red is determined to be physical, while yellow is considered emotional.

When choosing a color for your trade show imagery, think about the kind of emotion you want to inflict in your customer. If you’re advertising your new energy drink, red (an attention catching, powerful color) would be a perfect choice. Say you want your company to give off an honest, confident vibe. Using blue and yellow would do the trick.

Tradeshow Photography Choices

There are three things business vendors should taking into consideration when choosing an image for their tradeshow signs:

1) Subject

2) Quality of Photograph

3) Caption of Photograph

The subject of a photograph should capture what the company stands for, should be clear and high-quality, and should have a short and to the point slogan or product caption. Using this quality analysis assessment of stock photos will ensure the best photography is presented each and every time.

Let Media Bakery help you find the right image. Email your specifications to and we will send you a lightbox with options matching your criteria the same day.

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