8 Reasons To Use The New iPhone 5s iSight Camera

For all of you mobile photographers out there the launch of Apples iPhone 5s with the new iSight camera makes it even easier to capture your best images!

First it is important to note the most important factors in getting a great photo. It is not just about having interesting subject matter but it is how well your subject is lit and how sensitive your camera’s sensor is to light.

“A camera’s sensor — and the pixels on it — collect light. The larger the sensor and the larger the pixels, the more light is collected. And that translates to better, brighter images with truer colors and less noise.” – Apple

Here is the breakdown of why the iSight camera is better then before!

  1. Larger Sensor – The larger censor increases the area available for pixels by 15 percent
  2. Larger Pixels – The pixels are 1.5 microns larger
  3. Larger Aperture – at ƒ/2.2 to let in even more light this gives you an impressive 33 percent increase in light sensitivity!
  4. True Tone Flesh – The flash is made up of two LEDs, one white and one amber then the iSight camera uses software algorithms to assess the color temperature of the subject and determine the right percentage and intensity of white light versus amber light taking into account a 1000 unique combinations that is needed to capture the true color of the scene.
  5. Fast Focus & Capture – The iPhone 5s features a faster and more powerful A7 chip, with a new image signal processor (ISP). “The ISP is integrated with the iSight hardware and camera software, delivering faster photo capture and up to 2x faster autofocus.” -Apple
  6. Burst Mode – If you are shooting a subject that is in motion then you will want to use the new Burst Mode that utilizes the ISP and has a faster sensor to make it possible for the camera to continuously capture 10 photos per second. This allows you to take hundreds of images while the system ‘analyze all the shots in real time, comparing sharpness and clarity and even detecting when someone’s eyes are closed.’ –Apple    Then once you are done the software suggests individual photos or a sequence of photos that you might like best.
  7. Image Stabalizer – With updated auto image stabilization it is easier to avoid blurry photos. This is done by taking four photos with a short exposure time then the iPhone 5S takes the best parts of each photo and combines it into one image with as little noise as possible.
  8. Panoramic – The updated panoramic option lets you take one amazing shot while automatically adjusting exposure for highlights and shadows while you pan and all at 30 frames per second.

And if that was not enough upgrades to the HD Video Recorder are equally impressive!

– 120 Frames Per Second

– 25% Playback Speed

– 3x Zoom

– Capture moments in stunning 1080p HD

– Take still photos as you record

– Add a slow-motion effect with the slo-mo feature and capture video at 120 frames per second in 720p

– Live video zoom with pinch-to-zoom technique you use when taking pictures now works when recording video. “iOS 7 on iPhone 5s gives you the ability to zoom in on your subject —up to 3x — as you’re recording.”

– Videos can be up to five minutes long and viewed in up to 720p HD.

Camera app

The new camera app has 8 Apple-designed filters. “Pick a filter and see it live before you take the shot. Or apply it after. If you change your mind later and decide no filter is the best filter, just remove it.” –Apple

Photos app

This app makes it easier to organize your photos as it keeps track of the date and time and you can organize them into Moments, Collections, and Years!

iCloud Photo Sharing

The new iCloud lets you share your pictures and video with friends and family or upload to your favorite mobile photography website.

Check it out!

Burberry took the iPhone 5s to its woman’s wear 2014 fashion show and shot it entirely with the new iSight camera.


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