Snapwire Mobile Photography

A New Way To Make Money With Your Mobile Device

There is a new platform launching for photographers called Snapwire that is leading a new mobile photography trend.

Snapwire Mobile Photography
Snapwire for Mobile Photographers

Photographers have been able to sell their photos online through different stock photography websites for a long time but with Snapwire they will have the opportunity to directly shoot for buyers request.

Snapwire seems to set itself apart by really take caring for their photographers by reassuring photographers that they retain their image copyright and by giving them a higher percentage of the photo sale.

With a strong mission to ‘enable people with a passion for photography to thrive doing what they love’ the creators of Snapwire have taken the mobile photography trend to a new level. According to their landing page, “A person who needs a specific photo for a project can simply post an image request and top mobile photographers respond by competing creatively to submit their best photos. Buyers get unique images that match their vision, and the winning photographers get paid.” They also see that the next great leap in photography is centered around creative collaboration between mobile photographers and buyers of stock photography. We love this at Media Bakery!

Snapwire is exploring the conversation in detail over on their blog with in-depth articles from some of the top mobile photographers including Art Chang and Ravi Vora.

Art Chang (R) and friends. Photo by @homesliced
Art Chang (R) and friends. Photo by @homesliced

You can learn more about this by visiting Snapwire and joining in the conversation.


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