Use Photos To Freshen Up Your Social Profiles

Add some punch to both your personal and professional social profiles by adding really great images!

Woman using digital tablet IMS0229908 | Media Bakery - See more at:
Woman using digital tablet
IMS0229908 | Media Bakery

Make sure you are taking advantage of the new features available from your favorite social media profile sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Add a Header Graphic to Your Twitter Feed
Twitter profile headers have been around for a while but we still see the plain grey box and the standard background graphics that Twitter provides for you.

To give your Twitter profile a quick graphic boost, create a custom header using images that communicate your personality or your brand’s message! Check out Media Bakery on Twitter to see how we had fun with images in the background and on the profile header.

Media Bakery Twitter Profile
Media Bakery Twitter Profile

Add a Facebook Header Graphic

Many people and businesses alike use the large space to add personality to their profile or to advertise a product/promotion. There are two spaces where you can add pictures or graphic elements to your Facebook page that give you the opportunity to tell your story with images. Visit Media Bakery on Facebook to see how we carried over the same images from our Twitter page!

Media Bakery Facebook Profile
Media Bakery Facebook Profile

Add An Image to Your YouTube Profile

If you enjoy creating and sharing videos then you will want to make sure you add a photo or graphic to your YouTube header. Just as on your Facebook and Twitter pages you have room to add a logo and a banner. Check out Media Bakery on YouTube to see some of our newest slideshows and video tutorials.

Media Bakery Youtube Profile
Media Bakery Youtube Profile

And don’t forget to optimize your Google+ and LinkedIn profiles with some great photos!

Update Google+ with the Platform’s New Design

Give Google what it wants by adding pictures to your header and to every update you post because this profile is all about visual content! 

With a high-resolution cover image you can show off your best photos. The current Google+ design standards require an image that’s at least 480×270 pixel so make sure you take the opportunity to update your profile with a new high-resolution photo.

You can also add larger media to the items you post onto Google+ which will make your profile look more lively.

Add Media to Your LinkedIn Profile

Show off your personality and your skill set by adding photos to your LinkedIn Profile.  This platform does not give you as much opportunity to use images and video to enhance your profile but it is a good idea to utilize the space you do have to make your profile more engaging.

Media Bakery Free Images
Media Bakery Stock Photography

At Media Bakery we like to use the same or similar photos across all of our social media platforms so that we have a cohesive and consistent look and show people how creative you can get with a few really great photos.

If you take the time to consistently add and update your social media platforms with photos you are sure to keep everything looking fresh!

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