What is Microstock Photograhpy

Digital camera technology and the internet have made Microstock photography possible but how is it different from your traditional Royalty Free images? 

A young woman photographing flowers with her phone LUV0014257 | Media Bakery - See more at: http://www.mediabakery.com/stock-photo/LUV0014257/A-young-woman-photographing-flowers-with-her-phone.html#sthash.4dJXPY1d.dpuf
A young woman photographing flowers with her phone
LUV0014257 | Media Bakery

Microstock Photography is low priced royalty free stock photography that typically is offered through annual subscriptions or credits.

For many people, using stock photography was not possible in the past because of the high cost of licensing images but microstock opened up a much larger market. Digital cameras targeted to semi-professional and professional photographers have made taking great photos easier and more cost effective.

In the past, Photographers had to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and photo shoots but are now able to keep their overhead low and therefore offer images at a lower cost.  These photos can be easily accessed by small businesses, bloggers, and other people in need of lower cost alternatives to the higher priced Royalty Free and Rights Managed stock images.

Here are a few ways that microstock is different from traditional royalty free stock photography:

1.        Images are sold at very low prices – meaning you often need to buy more than one to even justify the cost of the transaction.

2.       More people can contribute because the format does not require high powered equipment. Now anyone in the general public can contribute, unlike traditional stock photography where only an elite few qualify to supply the market.

3.       Images are sourced via the Internet using web based and FTP technologies. This makes it easy for contributors to transfer images one at a time to an agency.

4.       Microstock is always Royalty Free and Non Exclusive so you may see the same images on more than one site.

Microstock Royalty Free Licenses:

Every Microstock Royalty Free image license grants you basic microstock royalty-free usage rights. For a one-time payment, you may use the Licensed Material over and over again for one permitted use such as advertising and promotional projects, web sites, presentations, videos, commercials, catalogs, and broadcasting. Our microstock license for Microstock Royalty Free imagery provides 1 seat license for one User. Please read the Microstock License Terms to fully understand your use rights. Read It!

Here is an infographic that we created to help break down the Stock Photography Basics!

Stock Photography Basics Microstock vs. Traditional
Stock Photography Basics
Microstock vs. Traditional

We continue to add microstock images to our collection at Media Bakery check out some of the beautiful artistry here.

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