Pick Your Best Brochure Image

Always start by deciding what reaction you want your audience to have!

Images are one of the most crucial elements in how you grab the attention of your potential client.

Here are some tips that you can follow in choosing the best images for your project:

    • Decide on your projects concept, theme, and structure. You want to tie all your images together and make them appear consistent. Make sure to use images, fonts, and graphics that strengthen the message and the overall look and feel.
    • Go for images with high resolution.  Pick the appropriate image resolution and you will ensure that your brochure comes out clean and crisp. If you do not use high resolution you run the risk of your promotional material looking dull and unprofessional. The standard image resolution is usually 300 dpi. If you are not sure which resolution to use you can always ask us at Media Bakery or check the Pixels & Resolution Guide.
    • Use Print Bleed. Leaving a small amount of space on the edges of your design ensures that none of your elements will be trimmed off.
    • Think “Less Is More!” Remember it is all about grabbing your readers attention so choose your images, fonts, and other design elements carefully.
    • Ask for feedback from your team, or a designer to see which images are the most relevant and speak your message in the right way.

Check out images from MediaBakery.com for your stock photography needs!

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