Painting of a Compact Flourescent Lightbulb. © Media Bakery

Graphic Design Trend Predictions

Wondering what the New Year could bring in the world of Design? There are many opinions on this so I put together a few of our favorites.  Here are some predictions on what trends that could be prevalent in 2013.  I’m sure there are even more so comment below and let me know what you think about these predictions and any cool ones you may have heard about.

1. Geometric Design and Comeback of the Hand Drawn Illustrations: Creative Bloq says that this lost and ancient art is being revisited, lol.

2. Skeuomorphism: Which is placing a design element form one object onto another object. Some examples would be making a reusable cup that looks like a disposable cup or below is a an image I found from our library of images of a clock that looks like a globe. Graphic Design Inspiration predicts that Skeuomorphism will be seen even more in 2013.

3.  Publications going from Print to Digital and Luxury Printing: A lot of publications will be going from Print to Digital but we haven’t see the last of printed materials, Creative Bloq expects high quality pieces to be turned out this year to make “enhance the experience for it’s users”.  I for one still love flipping through a magazine.

Media Bakery has millions of images to search for some of your own click here.

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