Instagram – How it all Began…

The CEO of Instagram , Kevin Systrom, was actually a marketer who taught himself programming through Quora . He has absolutely no formal engineering training! Systrom would go to his day job at Nextstop and then learn more about programming at night. Eventually he came up with the idea of what is now Instagram, created a prototype of it and showed it to his friends. Once he found it to be a hit, he quit his job at Nextstop and within two weeks he raised $500k and started searching for his golden team.

CEO Kevin Systrom
CEO Kevin Systrom

In October 2010, Instagram was launched. The very night they launched it, thousands of people started to download it and the program began crashing because of all the publicity. They quickly called a friend at Facebook, Adam D’Angelo, and he walked them through fixing the problem.

Instagram Icon

At first only Apple products could operate Instagram, but once the App began to skyrocket Instagram expanded to the Android phone. In April 2012 Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram for $1billion. Instragram photos can now be uploaded to your Facebook profile in seconds.

Instagram is an App that has rejuvenated the vintage trend in digital photography. Social networking has become more of a visual communication rather than just text. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking sites available today.

Instagram Interface

Instagram Interface

For more information on the growth of Instagram you can visit these sites:

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